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Project Description

Gail’s Snug somewhere to relax or entertain all year round

Our role
  • First take the old too hot in summer ,too cold in winter conservatory down.
  • Using the same footprint for size, dig down to solid clay.
  • Lay foundations and Block work up to floor hight .
  • Fill with 100mm insulation the 100mm  of concret.
  • Walls are then constructed  with 75mm insulation
  • A feature wall with fire place is added and lights fitted to alcoves and fire place for effect.
  • Two large roof lights are added in the vaulted ceiling
  • Three rows of spot lights are fitted to allow for mood lighting.
  • The floor is tiled after we’ve finished painting
  • Out side is rendered and painted, three lights are also fitted
  • The new sandstone patio is then laid to the side and front of the extension with two garden wide feature steps.