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Project Description

New rear Dinning room ,Re use existing patio slabs, Fit Artificial Grass

Our role
  • Preparation started by removing old slabs,then level the site.
  • Day two, start footings only to uncover a main Welsh Water drain buried Twelve inches under the patio,
  • Having  gained permission from welsh water new drains were fitted
  • Footings were laid to the speck Welsh Water provided (this can be seen in one of the photos) approximately 800mm to the right of original plan
  • Part of the L shaped garage was removed to make up for the loss of size
  • A window in garage was turned into the new rear access
  • Walls were erected fully insulated, as was the floor.
  • The roof was hand made on site with salted ceilings and two large roof lights.
  • Walls were plastered and later painted.
  • Old exterior door and window was removed and a permanent opening into the dinning room formed.
  • The patio was re laid ,exterior walls painted,
  • Lastly the old lawn was removed, and the ground prepared for Artificial grass.